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Real Estate Education’s Best Exam Prep Yet

We have the most comprehensive exam prep course on the market, built by the experts who created our industry-leading Pre-Licensing courses. When it comes to your education, when you succeed, we succeed. Discover all the features that make Exam Prep the choice for you when readying yourself for your upcoming Pre-Licensing exam.

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Unlimited Practice Exams

We believe practice makes perfect. That’s why we provide unlimited practice tests so that when you take the exam, you won’t be caught off guard. The more familiar you become with the exam’s format and content, the better you’ll do.

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Initial Assessment

The first step to Exam Prep Edge is to complete your initial assessment. This assessment provides you feedback on the topics you've already mastered, as well as the ones you still to spend time studying. Once completed, you'll gain access to our lesson plans featuring all the national and state topics included in your state's Candidate Handbook.

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Lessons by Topics

Exam Prep Edge breaks down each topic into individual lessons for an in-depth learning experience that helps you study more efficiently. Categorizing each topic into its own unit lesson gives you the most effective means of accurately memorizing the material and applying critical thinking skills for correctly answering questions.

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Interactive Dashboards

While providing you the exact information you’ll need to know is great, what’s the point if you don’t know your knowledge proficiency? That’s why our real-time dashboard guides you through each topic while gauging your competencies so you know where you stand on each subject while you progress through the program.

Exam Prep Edge Initial Assessment

Your initial assessment gives you immediate feedback on the topics you've mastered, as well as the ones you still need to focus on.

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